Althaus Photography | About

My name is Aaron and I am a goofy photo nerd with a passion for making memories and new friends. My wife, Marla, has a heart the size of Africa and is decidedly my better half. We have been shooting for over 20 years combined and have teamed up to help the world capture the relationships that mean so much to us all in a soulful and creative way.


I believe that a photo of someone you love is just about the most precious possession you can have and I want to make sure that you have some really special pictures of those you love. Your portraits and candids should live on for generations. Your photos are a legacy to share.


Marla and I enjoy spending time hiking and biking through the wild world around us and after a hard day of work we enjoy snuggling up to the couch to take turns reading aloud to each other or to catch up on our Netflix shows. We have an adorable all white cat named Lily and a startling number of board games.